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Hi there! I am Shirley Toh, creator of this website, Associate Group Director at Propnex, and I am happy to meet you here! 

I’m sensing you are here because you have these questions and more: 

  • Have you been thinking about a career switch recently, and wonder if you should take a chance at being a property agent in Singapore?
  • How to become a property agent in Singapore? 
  • Are you aspiring to earn more than you think you deserve?
  • Are you curious to know more on the Real Estate Salesperson RES course?
  • Are the RES exams really as tough to pass as you hear? 
  • How is it really like to be a Property Agent in Singapore?
  • Is it very difficult to get leads? How do I get people to buy from me? 
  • Can a real estate agent career provide a sustainable income? 

Seeing that you are here reading this article, you are probably like me a few years back. I was at a crossroads back then, with 10 years of corporate sales & marketing experience, a successful event management business already built up, my kids are growing up well.

But I found myself yearning to achieve more than what I believe I can. I have heard about the pros and cons of being a property agent, how the RES exams are so tough to pass, how the leads are so difficult to get, that I almost gave up. 

But I didn’t give up! I persevered, spent 10 days through the RES course, passed the exams in 2 tries (not perfect – passed 1 paper each time), took almost a year. 

Now you may be thinking, did my property agent career take off? Read on and I will tell you a bit more below. Share with me your concerns anytime, and I will share with you more privately. 

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Know Me A Little Better

If you are curious about me and my experience, I will share a little here. If you are not, skip to the next section! 

First, I always think of myself as a daughter and mother. My family is very important to me, and they are my driving force everyday. 

Secondly, when I graduated from NUS, I joined a MNC which I learnt and absorbed the essential sales & marketing knowledge, including digital marketing. Consistently, I also upgrade myself with the necessary courses, which I have completed WSQ-certified courses on Google SEM and Social Media Marketing.

Thirdly and lastly, I am someone who always like to be on trend with the latest marketing tools, especially in the digital space. I guess you have probably clicked on this article through a Google search? When you are on board with me, my experience in Google organic SEO will benefit you as well. 

property agent commission

The Truth of Being a Property Agent in Singapore

Property agents work closely with home buyers and sellers, providing their clients with services such as sales, marketing and advisory and collect commissions in return. 

The common thing you and me often hear from property agents  in Singapore is probably: Property agent commission is very good! The commission can range from a month rent (for rental agreement) to a few % of the property price. 

You may wonder: Is this true? 

Yes, I would say it’s quite good, if you know how to close the sale. From the moment your lead comes in, you have to know how to speak to them and lead them to the ultimate end of closing. Now, your question may be: How do you do that? But I don’t have any sales experience! 

With my 15 years’ experience in corporate sales, I will personally teach you consultative selling methods and guide you through the process, ensuring we get to the closing. I always keep all parties’ interests in mind to ensure a happy closing. I will teach you that. 

Furthermore, you will have the experience and knowledge of one of the biggest group within PropNex – almost 1000+ associates strong team. Anything that you are not sure of, the team leaders and colleagues are just a call or message away. 

The second question is the leads generation. How difficult is it to get leads? Must I do door-knock, spend lots of money on flyers, stamps, Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Instagram ads etc? 

For leads, if you join me, I will teach you the most efficient and low-cost way of getting leads. Currently, I have one team mate and a few more are taking the RES course 2022.

Curious to know more about leads generation? Want to know more about my awards and achievements? I will share with you over coffee 🙂

How to become a property agent in singapore

Register for the Real Estate Salesperson RES Course Singapore

The first step in order to get your Property Agent License, you will have to register and complete the RES Course Singapore. The RES course is the official Property Agent Course Singapore. Make sure to register with the list on CEA’s website. Check the essential requirements and list of providers here: Council for Estate Agencies CEA accredited training providers.

There are several property agent course providers.  Life Mastery Academy (LMA) is one of them. Speak to me to understand more on the different providers. 

On the course fees 

The RES course 2022 fees are $828 (inclusive of GST). There are 2 main subsidies which you can leverage on:

  • SkillsFuture credits
Applicable for Singaporean Applicant, of 25-year-old and above may utilise their SkillsFuture Fund (Up to $828). This amount essentially offsets the course fees.
Check your SkillsFuture credits here:


In order to use the UTAP grant, you have to sign up as a NTUC Union member. The annual fee is $117, in return you can claim $250 which you can benefit from. 

This NTUC UTAP grant, I will use it to offset the course fee and the exam fees. The amount you can claim is $250 per year. A tip that I  used and recommend: Register for your RES course towards the end of the year and take the RES Exam at the start of the next year. In this way, you can claim the $250 UTAP grant twice for both the course and exam. 

You will receive all the RES course materials from the RES course provider (I received 2 thick files). 

Please note that there will be a minimum attendance percentage of the classes that is needed, so be prepared to put in the necessary time required for the course. 

For the RES Course Schedule, this is from LMA, for your reference. You may check with them for RES Course 2022 and RES Course 2023. 

RES Course Schedule Singapore
RES Course 2022 Schedule Singapore (from LMA website)
RES Exam - Property Agent License

Prepare for the RES Exam

After you complete the RES course, the next step is to take the RES Exam. 

There are 2 RES Exam papers to sit for – Paper 1 and Paper 2. Both papers have a series of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQ), short answers and case study. There will be several topics included, such as on the property market, legal points, estate agency agreement, tenancy agreement, financial calculations, etc.

The exam is split into Papers 1 & 2 and each paper consists of:

  • Section A: 50 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) – 1 mark each

  • Section B: 15 MCQ with reference to 1 or 2 Case Studies – 2 marks each

  • Section C: 10 Fill in the Blank Short Answer Questions (SAQs) – 2 marks each

It may be daunting at first, however, I have a proven study method, past exam questions and a whole set of course materials I can share with you, to help you pass the exam. 

The real estate agency which I am under – PropNex, will also hold a series of RES Exam Preparatory Lessons (over Zoom usually) for you to enhance preparation for the exams. 

There will also be additional revision classes provided by the course providers, so you will have the necessary support. 

Speak to me on your worries, and to know the tips how to pass the RES Exam! 

Apply For Your Property Agent License

Congratulations on passing your RES Exam! Now you can apply for your property agent license with CEA and kickstart your real estate agent career! 

Do consider which team and real estate agency you wish to join, the team leader will submit your application to CEA. The real estate agency will handle the administrative matters for your smooth application, such as getting the mandatory Professional Indemnity Insurance for you. 

PropNex has very useful cutting-edge Proptech apps which has greatly helped me in my work, which I believe will benefit you as well. 

At this point, you probably will need to consider carefully which leader you would like as your mentor and to lead you to success in a real estate career. 

If you are interested in a mentor who is digitally savvy, willing to teach you zero to low-cost lead generation, and takes time to understand you and help you achieve results, speak to me and I will share with you more. Coffee’s on me, no obligations. 

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